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Posted on 26th May, 2017

It's the last weekend of the month, which means you may be here expecting to read Kirsten's latest monthly round-up. I'm sorry to tell you she can't be here this week, but her absence does give me the chance to share something wonderful that happened today.


The postman brought an unexpected delivery....

... of my author copies of The Deserter's Daughter from Allison & Busby!


I knew I would receive a box of author copies, but I never expected them to arrive so far before publication day. In fact, when I saw the box, I assumed it was a computery thing my husband had ordered.


Woohoo! Holding my book - my book! - is just the best feeling.


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Kate and Jen, thanks for your kind words. It was indeed a never-to-be-forgotten moment.
Congratulations, Susanna. Such a wonderful, never-to-be-forgotten moment. If only that feeling could be bottled... xx

Looking forward to Kirsten's update in due course.
It's lovely to see this unforgettable moment captured. Not long to go now, and we'll all be able to hold a copy of your book! x
Thanks so much for your kind words, Kirsten and Wendy. It was very exciting - and all the more so because it was unexpected. I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day.

A very exciting moment for you, Sue x
How lovely Sue!! I was feeling bad that I'd run out of time on the guest blog post this month - but how fortuitous that I did because I had nothing half as exciting as this to share ...!! Many congratulations xx .
Thanks, Catherine and Jackie.

Catherine - yes, it's a shame about Kirsten, but it was lovely for me to be able to share my news here on the day it happened.

Jackie - Alf had to lie down because the excitement was too much(!). xx
Yay!!!!! Looks great. Alfie seems more relaxed about it though.
Missing Kirsten but soooooo excited about the books, can't wait for my copy to arrive
Thanks, Jane. It was such an exciting thing to happen. I hope you enjoy reading it when the time comes. xx
They look fantastic. I can't wait for my preordered copy to arrive.
Thank you, Moira and Karen. That's so sweet of you both. I'm delighted - and doubly so because of its being unexpected. It's been an exciting few days, what with Moira's lovely cover reveal and now this.
Oh my goodness! That's so exciting - yay!!! Absolutely thrilled for you, Susanna. Couldn't happen to a nicer person xxx
Oh wow! That's just so wonderful, you must be thrilled! Congratulations x