A Look at Kirsten's New Book

Posted on 9th April, 2021

For those of you who have been regular readers of my blog, you’ll know exactly who Kirsten Hesketh is. She is my friend and fellow author, who used to write a monthly post here in the days before she had a website and blog of her own.


Kirsten’s debut novel, Another Us, was published last May and at the end of April this year, her debut saga, The Post Office Girls, will be published under the pen name Poppy Cooper.


I have read an ARC (advance review copy) of The Post Office Girls and I’d like to share my thoughts with you. It’s a bit scary, actually, when one of your friends has a book published, because you want to like it … but what if you don’t? Well, I’ve yet to find out the answer to that question, because Kirsten’s book – or should I say Poppy’s book – is a joy.



Set during the First World War, the story is told through the eyes and experiences of Beth, a young, rather innocent girl, who has to grow up quickly. She is an endearing character, who tries hard to do the right thing, and whose mistakes make her very relatable.


The plot is pacey and engrossing and very emotional in places, and it brims over with period detail that draws the reader right inside the story. The research that has gone into this book is truly remarkable. There are some books where the author is so determined to share what s/he has learned that there are times when the narrative borders on a lecture. I’m remembering a novel in which the heroine was going to work in a theatre that exists in real life …. and the author spent a page and a half explaining the building’s history. Grrr! But there is none of that here. Kirsten/Poppy’s research is so deftly written into the fabric of the story that it feels utterly natural, creating both depth and context.


All in all, this debut saga is a thoroughly enjoyable read. But be warned. You will never stick a stamp on an envelope quite so casually ever again…


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Here are links to The Post Office Girls on Amazon Kindle and in paperback. The Kindle editon is published on April 29th and the paperback comes out on May 13th.



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Thank you SO much, Sue. I'm so grateful for your support and friendship xx
Just read your first book "The Deserter's Daughter and found it so compelling...you can tell a real story...a page turner and look forward to reading the next two I picked up from the library...
Thank you