Calling All Old Ducks!

Posted on 4th June, 2021


Since summer has come at last, I'd love to share with you a book that makes perfect summer reading - The Old Ducks' Club by Maddie Please.


Maddie is an accomplished author of romcom and this is her best book yet. The heroine is Sophia, who has been badly let down in her personal life and heads off to beautiful Rhodes to lick her wounds. All she wants is peace and quiet - what she gets is the Old Ducks in the next-door apartment, three ladies in their sixties who are out to make the most of life and have lots of fun.



Through these new friendships, Sophia rediscovers herself. After years of doing what suits everyone else, now it's time for her to suit herself. Oh yes, and that might include a relationship with the gorgeous Theo...


The Old Ducks' Club is a warm and funny story and while it's lighthearted, that doesn't mean it's superficial. On the contrary, this is a story about society's expectations of ladies of a certain age as well as being about the way we see ourselves and what contributes to a person's sense of self-worth.


It's also worth mentioning the wonderful sense of place. Maddie describes the local area so beautifully that you can almost feel the sunshine on your face.


A heartwarming and uplifting story, with fun, sun and friendship. I guarantee you'll want to be an Old Duck as well!


* * * *



Sophia Gregory has lost her sparkle...


Recently single and about to turn sixty, Sophia doesn’t recognise the old woman staring back at her in the mirror. How has life passed her by? A quiet holiday in beautiful Rhodes is the perfect chance for her to find herself.
Until she meets the Old Ducks!
Juliette, Kim and Anita are three friends who are determined not to grow old gracefully! Bold and brash, they are Sophia’s worse nightmare, until they make her an honorary member of The Old Ducks’ Club! Now dancing and drinking till dawn Sophia starts to shake off her stuffy old life and start living again!
And when she meets her gorgeous Greek neighbour, Theo, she thinks that maybe, if she’s just a little braver, she can learn to love again too...
It’s never too late to teach an Old Duck new tricks!


* * * *


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