Here are some links to posts about writing - my path to publication; guest blogs and interviews; and a selection of posts covering various aspects of writing. If you are a writer yourself - or if you are a reader who is curious about the writing  process - I hope will find something here that will interest you.


Let me know on Twitter if you found anything helpful or if there is a topic you would like me to cover in a future blog.




Getting a Literary Agent:




Getting an agent 1  


Getting an agent 2  



From Book Deal to Publication:


The book deal  


The dreaded synopsis 


3 months to publication day  


2 months to publication day 


1 month to publication day 


Finding my book in the public library catalogue    


An unexpected and wonderful moment just before publication.


Review of The Deserter's Daughter on a book blog.



Blog Interviews & Guest Blogs:


Reading For Solace. Guest Blog on Maggie James's Website.


A Look Behind The Book with Susanna Bavin. Interview by Tara Greaves.


Using a Real Location: Setting The Deserter's Daughter in Chorlton. Guest post for Allison & Busby.


Meet Me at the Diner: Chatting with Canadian author Jen Gilroy about what makes a good saga, living by the sea, The Deserter's Daughter and writing the next book.



Close To Home: Chatting with Jo Barton on her Jaffa Reads Too blog, about Mancuniam inspiration and the support of of other writers.



Blog interview with Jan Baynham, about what comes first, plot or character; what editing was needed on The Deserter's Daughter; where I do my writing.... and more.



Author Spotlight. Blog interview with Julie Stock, about how ideas develop, the good and bad bits about writing, themes in my writing... and more, including a sneak preview of my second novel for Allison & Busby, A Respectable Woman.





Learning from critiques  


The editing process  


More editing - on paper or on-screen 


Writing by hand  


Writing by hand 2   


Connecting with other writers 


Character development - a technique  


NaNoWriMo - is your first bound to be the best?   


Professional eavesdropping  


Why 'said' is better than the alternatives