Thank you for visiting my website. I am a saga writer, living in beautiful North Wales. Moving here was the fulfilment of a lifelong dream, but my writing is inspired by my Mancunian roots.


I am represented by Laura Longrigg at MBA. My books are published by Allison & Busby (hardback, ebook and paperback), Magna Large Print and Isis Soundings (audiobooks).


To find out about my books, click on the tabs at the side. A page for The Sewing Room Girl will be published shortly, followed by a page for The Poor Relation. The Sewing Room Girl will be published in November and The Poor Relation next spring.



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My latest news is that A Respectable Woman was published in hardback and e-book format on June 21st; and the next day was the first book-birthday of The Deserter's Daughter. Talk about excitement!


A Respectable Woman will be published as an audiobook on August 1st and in paperback in November... which is also when The Sewing Room Girl comes out in hardback and e-book.



At the moment, I am working on:


I have nearly finished the final draft of The Poor Relation, which is due to be published next spring. The writing is finished, but I need to cut some words to get the word-count down. At the time of writing this, I have to shed 1,490 words. Wish me luck!


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My blogs are posted at the weekends. I write mostly about books and writing, though other subjects do creep in. I also welcome my friend Kirsten Hesketh regularly to do her popular articles following her path to publication. Do take a look and I hope you'll leave a comment if a topic interests you.


My new blog celebrates the first book-birthday of The Deserter's Daughter. I have taken a quick look back at some of the year's highlights, but the best thing about this year has been... all of you.

 hopping... jet-washing the patio...

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I love living in Llandudno. We've been here for five years now - almost to the day - but that "Wow! We really live here," feeling never goes away.


Take a look at some of my favourite photos by clicking on the Llandudno tab.


I have started a new section of photos of views from the pier. The first date that I set aside in the diary for photos, it poured with rain. The second time, it was a glorious day... but the tide was out! Let's hope for third time lucky in the coming week.