Thank you for visiting my website. I am a saga writer, living in beautiful North Wales. Moving here was the fulfilment of a lifelong dream, but my writing is inspired by my Mancunian roots.


I am represented by Laura Longrigg at MBA and my debut saga, The Deserter's Daughter, is published by Allison & Busby. It is currently available in hardback and e-book. The paperback will be published in May, as will the large print edition.


The audio book is published by Soundings and is available in CD and MP3 format or as a download.


My second saga for Allison & Busby, A Respectable Woman, will be published this June in hardback and e-book, with the paperback following in November. It will also be published as an audiobook and in large print. The Sewing Room Girl will also be published in November.


I am proud to show you the cover for my new saga, A Respectable Woman, which is published in hardback and e-book format in June; as an audiobook in August; and in paperback in November.


Many thanks to all those who have kindly retweeted it and left flattering comments both on Twitter and on Facebook.


And thanks, of course, to the talented Christina Griffiths at Allison & Busby for her design.

And here is the cover of the audio version of A Respectable Woman, which will be released in August. Isn't it beautiful?

...And I can't resist sharing this photo. This week sees the paperback publication of The Deserter's Daughter...




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My Blog:


My blogs are posted at the weekends. I write mostly about books and writing, though other subjects do creep in. I also welcome my friend Kirsten Hesketh regularly to do her popular articles following her path to publication. Do take a look and I hope you'll leave a comment if a topic interests you.


The current blog is a guest post by Kate Field, author of The Magic of Ramblings and The Truth About You, Me and Us, in which she discusses the process of contributing to an anthology and what she learned from it.


The next blog will appear on May 25th. In the meantime, here is a blog from the archives, which I hope will interest you. I wrote it three years ago this month and it is about choices and priorities. I called it Doing What Matters.


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I love living in Llandudno. We've been here for five years now - almost to the day - but that "Wow! We really live here," feeling never goes away.


Take a look at some of my favourite photos by clicking on the Llandudno tab.


In April, I started a new section of photographs, devoted to lovely Happy Valley. Click on the Llandudno tab and scroll to the bottom. All the Happy Valley photos have now been added and a new theme will start in the next week or two.


The photo on the right was taken during the Victorian Extravaganza weekend in May, when the traditional funfair comes to town... literally. Mostyn Street is filled with the funfair.




This photo was taken from the Big Wheel during the Victorian Extravaganza.


And here is the Big Wheel. I have never had a ride on one before, because I'm scared of heights, but I'm so glad I gave it a go. Yes, it was scary, but wonderful too.