Thank you for visiting my website. I am a saga writer, living in beautiful North Wales. Moving here was the fulfilment of a lifelong dream, but my writing is inspired by my Mancunian roots.


I am represented by Laura Longrigg at MBA. My books are published by Allison & Busby (hardback, ebook and paperback), Magna Large Print and Isis Soundings (audiobooks).


To find out about my books, click on the tabs at the side. I have recently published a page for The Sewing Room Girl. This will be followed by a page for The Poor Relation. The Sewing Room Girl will be published in November and The Poor Relation next spring.




The Sewing Room Girl can be pre-ordered on Kindle for just £2.86 on Amazon UK and for $3.96 on Amazon US



Latest News:


I had a terrific time at the RNA Conference, which was held at Leeds Trinity University. It was good to catch up with friends and to meet new people - including a newly-signed saga author with Allison & Busby.


For me, the weekend's highlights were: a fascinating talk by Alison May, Janet Gover and Kate Walker about modern adaptations of Wuthering Heights; Alison's highly entertaining session on editing; Andrew Cornick's talk about emotional resilience, which struck chords with everyone present; and Mark Stay's fast-paced and funny presentation about The Bestseller Experiment.



At the moment, I am working on:


I have finished the copy-edits for my third novel, The Sewing Room Girl. I am going to have a final look through before I send them back to my publisher.


After that, I need to finish editing book 5. Oh yes, and I need to get book 6 started!


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My Blog:


My blogs are posted at the weekends. I write mostly about books and writing, though other subjects do creep in. I also welcome my friend Kirsten Hesketh regularly to do her popular articles following her path to publication. Do take a look and I hope you'll leave a comment if a topic interests you.


My new blog was inspired by going to the RNA Conference (see above). It is about writing needing other writers. Do you think this is true of other professions too?

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I love living in Llandudno. We've been here for five years now - almost to the day - but that "Wow! We really live here," feeling never goes away.


Take a look at some of my favourite photos by clicking on the Llandudno tab.


My latest section of photos is of views from the pier. Scroll to the bottom of the Llandudno page to see them.