Welcome to my website. I am a saga writer, living in North Wales, but my books are all set in and around Manchester, which is where my family has lived for generations and I grew up. I write stand-alone novels as Susanna Bavin and I also write The Surplus Girls saga series for Corvus.

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Wonderful news - Christmas with the Surplus Girls is now available to pre-order on Kindle at £2.37.


Publication day is 7th October.



The Surplus Girls is currently on Kindle Unlimited.



All four of my Susanna Bavin books are currently £2.84 each on Amazon UK. If you are a Kindle Unlimited user, you'll find The Deserter's Daughter there.




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In my latest blog, I'm delighted to welcome back Tania Crosse to discuss the inspiration she derived from the spectacular Dartmoor scenery when she was writing The River Girl.




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Living by the sea:


I love living in Llandudno. We've been here for eight years now, but that "Wow! We really live here," feeling never goes away.


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