Courage for the Home Front Girls


The Home Front Girls book 2


Manchester, 1940. The Blitz is threatening to destroy everything they love. These girls will never stop trying to help their country – and each other. But will it be enough when disaster looms?


Newly-married Sally is due to take up the position of manager of the salvage depot and life has never seemed better. Betty is feeling chirpy too, because at long last she has a boyfriend.


Meanwhile, things couldn't be worse for Lorna. Her romance is over and her reputation is in tatters, thanks to the so-called gentlemen of the press. As if that wasn't bad enough, her father wants her out of harm's way, where the press will never find her... and they'll never think of looking for her in a salvage yard, will they?









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"Saga fans will thoroughly enjoy curling up with the latest engrossing wartime tale by Susanna Bavin.... She knows how to write a rattling good saga rich in atmosphere, humour, drama, grit and emotion.... A spellbinding read." Bookish Jottings book blog.


"A powerful and well-written book... As always, the research is impeccable but is never allowed to slow the narrative, which moves along at an impressive pace." Northern Reader book blog.