1892. When her beloved father dies, 15-year-old Juliet Harper and her mother, the difficult but vulnerable Agnes, are left to fend for themselves. So when Agnes finds a job as a seamstress in the Drydales' ancestral home on the Lancashire moors and the pair start their work, things appear to be looking up. But with their new life comes new challenges, and just as Juliet begins to find her feet, Agnes falls ill, leaving her daughter defenceless and alone.


Without her mother to protect her, Juliet finds herself the victim of a traumatic incident and is left to face an impossible dilemma. In her vulnerable position and with the life she worked so hard to build hanging in the balance, she flees to Manchester seeking support from her estranged family. She comes up against her formidable grandmother, the ruthless businesswoman Adeline Tewson, who is determined to bend Juliet to her will and harness her natural talent as a designer.


It will take all Juliet's ingenuity to stand up to Adeline and set up her own dressmaking business. But someone is out to destroy her. Is it Adeline... or could it be an old enemy from the past?



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UK hardback         (8 Nov 2018)


UK Kindle              (22 Nov 2018)


UK paperback       (23 May 2019)


US hardback         (2 Feb 2019)


US Kindle              (22 Nov 2018)


US paperback       (23 May 2019)


Canada Kindle      (22 Nov 2018)


Australia Kindle     (22 Nov 2018)



Places in The Sewing Room Girl


Market Street in Manchester



This is Market Street in the late 1800s.