Answering Maggie's Question in Rather More Than 140 Characters

Posted on 15th December, 2014

So - it's two weeks now since NaNoWriMo ended. Did you participate in the annual frenzy? How did you get on? I achieved 34,000 words, which is 2,000 more than my previous best, and obviously I'm pleased about that; but I'm delighted to have been NaNo-buddies with writers who all made it past the magic 50,000 mark.


One is Melanie, my writing friend in America, whom I met through NaNo. She is amazing. I have known her through three Camps and two November NaNos and she has stormed past 50,000 every time.... even following a very shaky and slow start this time round. Well done, Melanie - I'm proud of you.


Congratulations also go to Jan Baynham, a short story writer who has now turned to novel-writing. We met through Twitter and became NaNo buddies. It was Jan's first NaNo and what a beginning! 50,000 words - not that it will put you under any pressure next year, Jan....


So - what now? Are you a NaNo writer who is busy finishing your novel? Or are you already editing? Or maybe you've given yourself some time off.


Maggie James, author of psychological thriller/suspense novels, asked me on Twitter if I'll be carryuing on with my NaNo book now that November is over. I tried squeezing a meaningful reply into 140 characters and then decided to put the answer here instead.


I have left the book or now. Although I got a lot of work done on it, and am pleased with what I wrote, I needed to set some priorities. My current situation is that I have three novels in need of final edits and, rather than plough on with this book, I decided it was time to get one of the others completed and ready to be released into the wild in search of an agent. So that's what I'm working on at the moment.



* * * *



Incidentally, I have an elf-spy in Santa's camp and I happen to know that I'm getting two of Maggie's novels for Christmas. If you'd like to visit her website and find out about her writings, click here.


And if you'd like to visit Jan's blog, here it is.



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Well done for completing NaNo. Well done for setting priorities too. Cheering you on into 2015!
Although NaNo is not for me, it sounds like you did really well with it. Putting the writing away for a bit is an excellent idea. Very good luck with all your projects.
Susanna, I wish you lots of luck and success with completing your novels and congratulations on completing NaNo. All the very best.