Reading for Solace: My Guest Blog on Maggie James's Website

Posted on 11th March, 2015

Do you find comfort in reading when you are troubled? Has reading a book ever helped you through a difficult time?


Take a look at my guest blog, Reading for Solace, on the website of psychological suspense novelist Maggie James.


I'd love to read your comments and find out what you think.


See you over there!

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Many thanks to Mavy, Jen, Wendy, Jan and Cathy for kindly leaving comments on my guest blog. This blog really seems to have resonated with readers. I have left personal replies for all of you on the blog, as has Maggie.

Cathy - calling it one of my best blogs ever is such a generous compliment. Thank you very much.
I've left a comment on Maggie's site, Susanna but think you've written one of your best blogposts ever this week.
Have just read your guest post on Maggie's site, Sue. Really thought provoking - I've left a comment there.
Have just popped over for a read, Susanna.