It Works For Me. Jacqueline Farrell Shares Her Personal Writing Rules.

Posted on 22nd November, 2015

This week, Jacqueline Farrell is joining me to share her personal writing rules. Jacqueline has had two novels, Sophronia and the Vampire and Mothers, Maids and Crones, published under this name and three under the name Jaccqueline Webb. She has also co-authored a novel with Amanda Grange.

I have one writing rule: write something every day.


Unfortunately life has a nasty habit of getting in the way. I have a little fantasy that if I was as rich and famous as JK Rowling or Stephen King, I'd have all day for writing; and irritating things like work, shopping, laundry, children etc wouldn't be allowed to get on my way.


I would be the GREAT AUTHOR and my ART would come before all. Common sense, however, tells me that famous authors, before they were famous, had to put in the hard graft, not allow themselves to be distarcted, and focus on what they were doing.



This is the antithesis of me. I am distracted by the slightest thing. Sometimes I'll do the housework before writing, not because I enjoy housework, but because it's a good excuse not to write. 


I don't even know why I think like that. I enjoy writing, dammit. It's not like it's my day job, where I'd get fired if I didn't turn up. And yet... and yet... sometimes procrastination is irresistable, particularly now with the internet and all the lovely stuff I can do online. Book buying, looking at new movies, reading about my favourite TV programmes, looking up synopses of episodes of programmes I'm watching on Netflix before I watch them (why do I do that? Why?), shopping online, reading other people's blogs, trying to get to grip with all the stuff author blogsites tell me I should be doing to self-market... the list is endless.


In fact I'm procrastinating now. I should be writing.


So, in conclusion, my new  writing rule is going to be this: Don't procrastinate, just write!


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Pomodoro works - sort of ...
Thanks for your thoughts, Jan. It looks as if NaNoWriMo is going well for you. The great thing about NaNo, I think, is that it gets you to write every day - even if you don't manage the daily word count target. Now I'm off to investigate Pomodoro....
Thanks for your comment, Jen. Jacqueline's post has really struck a chord, hasn't it? I agree with you that writing every day is so important. It keeps the momentum going and that makes all the difference.
I'm a great procrastinator, too, and I think your rule to write every day is a great one, Jackie. I have tried to do that throughout the month of November and although there have been days when I haven't because of days away, it's surprising how much writing has been done. I have a Pomodoro timer so will get it out and try it when I'm my writing. Thank you Sue for the post. :-)
The dreaded procrastination! Like you, Jacqueline, it's so important for me to write something everyday. If I don't, I lose the thread of my story. Great advice and this post has highlighted something which almost everyone struggles with in one form or another.

Thank you for another interesting post.
Thanks for the comments - glad to know I'm not the only one. I have been trying the Pomodoro technique - google it and find out if it might work for you - (there - I've just given everyone a legitimate reason to go on google!)
Hi, Cathy. Lovely to hear from you again. You're right - reading blogs is yet another form of procrastination. I think Jackie's guest post has rung bells with a lot of people.
Trouble is, there are so many interesting blogposts just like this one that I can spend all day and every day reading them and never even do the ironing let alone writing.
Did you really think you were alone in being sidetracked by other things? I'm sure it happens to us all. I'm pleased this post has helped you. Thanks for your comment, Nicola. Lovely to hear from you again.
I am so glad I read this!! I thought I was the only one who cleaned floors for the gazillionth time rather than sit at the screen (whose eyes glare at me whislt I ignore it) and write!! I'll join you Stephanie in your new rule :) Thanks for the post Susanna! Wishing you both a great week.