Second Generation Dream

Posted on 12th November, 2016

November 14th is a special day for me - the anniversary of my father's death. He died quite young; he was only in his 60s. I'm so glad he took early retirement at 55, because it gave him a decade in which to immerse himself in his interests - current affairs, watercolours, drawing, calligraphy, reading and Radio 4.


Now I think about it, it's because of Dad that I live in Llandudno now. He was a quiet, reserved man who was happy to let my mum run the whole show; but when there was something that mattered to him, Mum deferred to his wishes. And Llandudno was something that mattered. He loved the place dearly and so we always came here for holidays... which is how I came to love Llandudno as well and why I grew up knowing that one day I was going to live here.



My parents used to talk about one day moving to Llandudno; but you know how it is. It was one of those things that was talked about but never done.


In the spring of 2013, my husband and I made the decision to pack in our old lives and take a chance on moving here. I told one of my sisters-in-law about how Mum and Dad had talked about moving but never done it, and she said, "So it's as if you're doing it for them as well as yourself." It's a nice sentiment, but I'm not really given to sentimentality.


But one thing I am sure of. It would have pleased Dad to know I ended up here.


Great Orme tramSt Tudno's Church on the Great Orme


How did you come by your wishes? Was there a person or an event that inspired your special dream?



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Thank you, Carol and Jen, for your comments. You never lose the people you love, do you, Carol? There is a deep sense of continuity when different generations of a family share a love of a place. I'm so pleased that you have been able to move to the place that means so much to you, Jen. It's another thing we have in common.
A very touching post, Susanna. I'm sure your father is still inspiring you; the 'energy' never disappears. xx
Such a special and heartfelt post, Susanna. My dream is a lot like yours. I wanted to live where I now do because of happy childhood summer holidays. My mum sparked my dream as she always wanted to come back here but never did. Thinking of you. xx
Thanks, Wendy, Chris and Jan, for your kind comments. I'm glad this blog has touched people. It felt appropriate to write it to coincide with Dad's anniversary.
A very moving post, Sue. Your love for your dad shines through. He obviously passed on his love of the area to you.

My dad loved Llandudno, too, and I remember travelling up for the day from mid-Wales when he and my mum were holidaying there. He took me around the Great Orme to admire the views. He wanted to retire at 55 but very sadly passed away at the young age of 50.
A very readable gentle tribute to someone who sounds as though he was himself gentle.

I think there are quite a few of us with a not dissimilar story.

My own parents brought me to Llandudno as a child for a holiday and also visited themselves after I was grown up, and my father even after that, as a widower.

My wife and I have thought more than once how wonderful it would have been for them to know that the next generation made it.

Thanks for sharing your story and good luck with your blog

Best wishes

What a lovely post, Susanna. I also lost my father in his early 60s and am happy that he too took early retirement. I've never been to Llandudno but it looks a beautiful place.