My Guiding Word for 2017: Application

Posted on 16th January, 2017

You may know that at the beginning of each year, I choose a word to be my guide throughout the next twelve months. It's something I learnt from my good friend and fellow writer, Jen Gilroy. Jen's word for 2017 is KINDNESS - you can read about it here.


As Jen says, settling upon the right word is sometimes an easy choice, though sometimes it can be harder. Last year my word was ANTICIPATION, which came naturally to me because after several months of worry and stress, things at the day job started looking up and everything fell into place there just as the new year began; and I also had plans for my writing. It's a word that started to feel exceptionally appropriate in the summer, when I was signed on by my literary agent.


This year's word has come to me easily, too, though it has changed slightly since I first thought of it. Originally, I chose ORGANISATION, because this year I am facing a deadline for writing a novel and obviously I will need to be highly organised to produce the book alongside working at the day job and fulfilling my other commitments.


Then Carol Rivers, whose wonderful sagas I am a huge fan of, suggested APPLICATION as my word for 2017 and I have to say she hit the nail on the head.


APPLICATION is perfect. It encapsulates ORGANISATION and also recognises the hard work that lies ahead - well, actually, the hard work I am already in the middle of.


So, with thanks to Jen for the original idea and to Carol for finding the word that exactly expressed what I meant, I look forward to a year of APPLICATION.



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Thank you so much, Carol and Jen, for your kind words, as well as for your unconscious contributions to my choice of word for the year. Your support means a lot to me.
Thanks so much for the mention, Susanna. I'm happy and honoured that I helped inspire you. Wishing you a wonderful year of APPLICATION as you work towards your goals. As always, I'm happy and blessed to be sharing this journey with you. xx
Such a refreshing and inspiring post, Susanna, perfect for the start of the year and I am honoured to be mentioned. I'm also certain your year of APPLICATION will bring your goals ever nearer and result in the book that you have worked so hard to complete. I can't wait check into Amazon and have that first heart-stopping moment of seeing the cover of your novel. And then, holding my breath, turning the first page ... !