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Posted on 5th February, 2017

Well, here at last is the news I have been longing to share with you since before Christmas. I have been signed up by a publisher. The reason for my long silence is that, although it was all agreed back in December, the contract wasn't signed for a while, firstly because of Christmas and New Year and then because of someone's holiday. The contract was signed a couple of weeks ago - the week my friend Jen Gilroy's blog interview appaeared here, and that was, of course, followed by last weeks' highly successful guest post by another writing friend, Kirsten Dougal.


So here I am at last, somewhat after the event, sharing my wonderful news.


I am proud and delighted to tell you that I have joined Allison & Busby. My debut 1920s saga, The Deserter's Daughter, will be published this summer in hardback and e-book, with a paperback to follow.


Originally, my editor at Allison & Busby offered for The Deserter's Daughter, with first refusal on my next book; but having read the synopsis of that book, the offer was changed to make it a 2-book deal.


To the small handful of people who have known my news for some time - thank you for being thrilled for me. Your good wishes and excitement have helped to make this such a special time in my writing life. Many thanks to saga writer Carol Rivers for the trug of beautiful yellow pansies, which are still looking bonny and cheerful in our garden. They are my special "I've got a publisher" pansies!




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This is wonderful news, Susanna, congratulations! I've pre-ordered my copy of The Deserter's Daughter; it sounds fantastic. I can't wait to read it. C xxx
Thanks so much, Linda. Publication is just over four months away - can't believe it's happening so soon.
Brilliant news, so pleased for you! Can't wait to see the finished product when it's out!
Diolch yn fawr, Kevin.
Llongyfarchiadau ar dy llyfr :o)
Thank you so much, Jessica. Yes, it has been a strange time. I was told just before Christmas that it was okay to tell people, but I didn't want to until the contract was signed - didn't want to jinx it! Thanks for your support. xx
This is brilliant news! Huge congratulations to you. Bet you've been bursting with excitement for 2 months! Really thrilled and look forward to reading it.
Jessica xx
Jen - I'll be sure to bring along a Victoria sponge - I know that's one of your favourites! Seriously, though, I will look forward to visiting you on your blog. Thanks so much for the invitation. xx
Chris, thank you for your message. It was a pleasure to meet you at the writing retreat last October. Maybe you'll be at the next one..? Hope so. xx
I was honoured you shared your news with me back in November, Susanna, and am honoured now to be able to offer just as heartfelt but more public congratulations on this milestone in your life and writing.

"Jen's Diner" will be pleased to add British bakes to the "specials of the day" when you visit my blog to chat! xxx
Congratulations! This is wonderful news. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!
Jen, you were the very first person I shared my news with (after my husband), way back in November, and here you are being as pleased and excited today as you were back then. I would love to visit you on your blog and perhaps be a guest in Jen's Diner to have a chat. Thanks for your message and good wishes. xxx
Thanks for your kind words, Jan. It's lovely of you to share my excitement. As for congratulating me twice - you can congratulate me as many times as you like!
Thank you, Julie. It was a wonderful way to round off last year. The best Christmas present ever!
Wonderful, wonderful news, Susanna. Congratulations, my friend! I shall have "The Deserter's Daughter" on pre-order as soon as it's available. I also hope to have the honour of chatting about it with you on my blog and sharing your fabulous book with my North American reading friends, too. xxx
Oops - I was so pleased to read your news I've congratulated you twice in one post, ha, ha!
Huge congratulations, Sue. 🎉🎉🎉📚 I am so thrilled for you and can't wait to read your book in the summer. Many congratulations! It's so well deserved. Enjoy sharing your news at last. You must have been bursting with excitement since December! 🙂
Congratulations, Susanna! I knew it was only a matter of time after you found your agent. Well done and I look forward to buying your book in the summer :)
Thank you, Wendy. Yes, I am very happy. It is wonderful to be able to share my news at last.
That is so exciting, Susanna. You must be thrilled! x
Thank you, Karen. And thank you for all your encouragement. The LLs are brilliant at supporting one another. xx
Oh, Susanna, this is wonderful news and SO well deserved. Absolutely thrilled for you and can't wait to see your saga in print!! Woohoo!! Many congratulations xxx
Kirsten, you're a star. Thank you so much for sharing the excitement. I'm happy to be sharing your journey too.
Hurrah!! Yippee!! Woo-hoo!! I am so, so thrilled for you Sue; it's the most fantastic news and you thoroughly deserve it!! Can't for the launch and read it and ....... So proud and happy to be sharing the journey with you! xx
Thank you, Catherine. It has felt rather odd keeping quiet about it all this time. I'm so pleased to share it at last. Looking forward to seeing you again at our next LL lunch in May.
Very many congratulations and well deserved!
Thank you so much, Kate. I appreciate your kind words.
Sue, I'm so happy for you, this is brilliant news! I can't wait to read The Deserter's Daughter. Congratulations! x