My First Blog Interview... Here's The Link

Posted on 15th May, 2017

I've interviewed many writers here on my blog, but today is special because this time I've done it the other way round. My first ever blog interview answering the questions instead of asking them! I'm feeling a bit nervous but very chuffed.


Many thanks to Tara Greaves for featuring me on her Behind The Book slot and thanks also to Catherine Boardman for introducing us.


Come and have a look. Here's the link. I'll see you there!



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Such a lovely interview, Susanna, and the first of many guest posts, I'm sure. I'm eagerly awaiting 'The Deserter's Daughter' -- also the first of many books with your name on the cover. xx
I loved the interview, Sue, and have commented. After all the times you've interviewed writers and promoted their books, it's lovely to read someone's interview of you. It's well deserved. :-)
Oooh - scurrying over to have to look.
You are such a lovely and supportive host on this blog and I'm delighted that you are having the change to be a guest blogger yourself!! It's fun isn't it? xx
I hope it hasn't put you off! I'm sure there will be lots of people wanting to interview you once The Deserter's Daughter comes out. I'm glad I got in early. Thank you again for your time. What a lovely response it's had.
Carol, you're a star! Thanks so much for this generous, supportive message. Having loved and admired your sagas for some years, it much a lot to me to have you at my side at this exciting time. I hope you will enjoy The Deserter's Daughter.
I can’t wait for Susanna’s book to be published. Having followed her progress for some years, I await The Deserter’s Daughter with great excitement. This post has given me a greater insight to the blogger/writer/person I know and admire. Now comes her debut novel and all the signs are there for a long and enduring saga career. Heartfelt good wishes to this hard-working and talented author and many thanks,Tara Greaves - over at Behind The Book slot - for this welcome Monday Motivation.