One Month To Publication Day

Posted on 19th May, 2017

During the week of this blog falls May 22nd - and that means there's just one month to go until publication day! It hardly seems possible: this time last year I didn't even have an agent. In fact, I was still writing the fourth draft of the book, which was the draft that - finally - was good enough to be accepted.


Talking of writing, I am still hard at work on book 2. When I was a child, I had a recurring dream in which I was hurrying as fast as I could to get to a particular place; I can't recall what the place was, but I do remember that in the dream it was right ahead of me. But no matter how fast I went, I never got any closer. At the moment, I feel rather like that with book 2. No matter how much I write, the ending doesn't feel any nearer. Is it just me or do others out there ever feel like that about their writing? Is it having a deadline that's making me feel like this?


Other than that, what have I done in my Debut Novelist role this month? Well, I have appeared in my first blog interview. Usually in an interview, I'm the one asking the questions, but this time it was the other way round, with the questions being put by Tara Greaves for her Behind The Book blog. Many thanks to those of you who followed me over there and thanks also to those of Tara's regular readers who popped over here to take a look round my website. Judging by the comments on the interview, the main point of interest seemed to be the writing tips Tara asked me for and which was more important - rule 1 or rule 2? Don't know what I'm talking about? Pop over there and take a look!


I also had some wonderful news from my editor at Allison & Busby: The Deserter's Daughter is going to be published in audiobook form by Isis Soundings. I have been listening to audiobooks with great pleasure for years and Isis is one of the big names in the business and a name I am very familiar with, because of the many authors whose books I love whom they publish, such as Anna Jacobs, Ruth Hamilton, Lee Child and Lyn Andrews. For my book - my book! - to be an Isis Soundings audiobook is just wonderful.


And of course, this past month saw the cover reveal of The Deserter's Daughter.


I am hugely grateful to the talented Christina Griffiths at Allison & Busby for creating such a beautiful and atmospheric illustration that perfectly captures the spirit of the story.


Many thanks to all the lovely people on Twitter and Facebook who shared and retweeted so generously. Your kind comments had me glowing with pride - though really it should have been Christina gathering all the compliments.


There we are. That's the round-up of this past month as a debut novelist. A happier month altogether than last month. Next time I write one of these Debut Novelist blogs, it will be at the start of publication week itself. Wow! In the meantime, it's back to writing book 2...



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Jen, thanks as always for your support. I am thrilled to bits about the audiobook, especially because Isis Soundings produce physical audiobooks. And yes, I hope that this medium will allow more people to enjoy the book. I think that listening to stories is something we never grow out of.
I'm so pleased that 'The Deserter's Daughter' will be available in audiobook. Congratulations! It will open the world of your book to a new group of eager readers.

Apart from the deadline pressure (and yes, your comment about never feeling any closer to 'the end' resonates with me as I tackle my own deadlines), this is such a happy blog. Thank you for sharing the countdown to your debut release in such a meaningful way. So many exciting milestones and now the biggest one -- 22 June -- is less than a month away! xx
Thank you, Carol. I'm delighted about The Deserter's Daughter being an audiobook. Listening to audiobooks has been an important part of my life for a long time. I just love being read to! I hope that the audio version will make the book accessible to more readers.
Congratulations, Susanna. Wonderful news that The Deserter's Daughter is going to be published in audiobook form by Isis Soundings. I'm sure hearing the narration will transport many more people into your world. Exciting and inspirational times! Another great milestone in your career. Well done!
Hi, Kate. Yes, it might feel a bit odd hearing someone else's voice telling my story, but I can't wait to see (or hear!) which reader is selected by Isis Soundings. They are so clever at finding the appropriate voice. I'm glad you enjoyed my interview on Tara's blog - thanks for coming to visit me there. Many congratulations on winning the Joan Hessayon Award on Wednesday for The Magic of Ramblings - such a wonderful novel and a worthy - and popular - winner.
Wendy, how lovely to hear from you. Thank you for the invitation. Being one of your regular readers, I'd love to appear on your blog.
Excellent news about the audiobook! It will be so odd to hear someone else reading your words, and giving life to your characters - but wonderful too! It was lovely to find out more about you on Tara's blog. I hope we'll be seeing much more of you as the interviewee over the next few months. Good luck with book 2! x
So close to publication day! How exciting for you, Susanna! You are very welcome to be a guest on my blog, whenever it suits you, to celebrate. You'll be in good company as I've had some fabulous guests over the years x
Thanks, Louise. I'm glad you like the cover. Everyone has been so complimentary about it. And yes - I'm sure it will attract readers. I agree with you about having favourite audiobook readers. Having the right voice for the story is essential. One of my favourite readers is Nicolette McKenzie, who reads many of Anna Jacobs' novels. Now I'm wondering who is going to read The Deserter's Daughter!
You must be so excited now that the final countdown has begun. The cover illustration is so lovely - I'm sure it will make potential readers pick it up for a closer look. Congratulations on the audiobook arrangements. I like listening to stories and I have my favourite readers as well as my favourite writers. Great blog.