That September Feeling

Posted on 1st September, 2017

To me, September has long felt like a time for new beginnings. It comes from having been a teacher, when September is a long month full of starting afresh with a new class of children (and aren't they tiny compared to the ones you said goodbye to in July!), learning their names and personalities, their strengths and needs, and helping them to settle in to their next year at school.


Even though I left teaching four years ago, I still get that "new beginnings" feeling at this time of year; and this year it is particularly apt as I am busy writing book proposals for my agent to put forward.


I'm also looking ahead to the release of The Deserter's Daughter in audiobook form, published by Isis Soundings. I'm especially delighted because I heard this week that it is going to be read by one of my favourite readers, Julia Franklin. I love audiobooks and have a couple of shelves of the ones I can't live without. A quick count revealed that no fewer than nine are read by Julia Franklin - and now she is going to read my book as well!


Looking ahead on the blog, I'll soon be launching a new series called What I Learnt From... in which authors will reveal where their good practice came from and share some top writing tips along the way.


The lovely Heidi Swain has already told me that hers will be called What I Learnt From... Writing Six Novels.



Other writers who will be joining in include indie romance writer Julie Stock, rom com author Maddie Please, contemporary romance writer Emma Davies and paranormal and historical romance author Jacqueline Farrell.



And Kirsten will be returning with her regular round-ups of her writing life.

So that's what lies ahead on the blog. I hope you'll join me here throughout the autumn.



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Thanks for commenting , Jen. I'm glad you like the sound of the new series. I hope it is going to be successful. I'm looking forward to finding out what is was that gave the contributors their ideas for good practice.
Like you, Susanna, September always feels like a time of 'new beginnings' for me too. Good luck with your new book proposals & congrats again on the audiobook of 'The Deserter's Daughter.' So exciting for you! I'm looking forward to the autumn programme on your blog. Back-to-school learning for me in blog form!
Are you a former teacher, Wendy? I have had a lot of messages on Twitter from people who have that 'starting again' feeling at this time of year. I do agree with you about the pleasure of curling up with a good book when it is getting nippy outside and the evenings are starting to draw in. Thank you for your good wishes about the audiobook of The Deserter's Daughter. I am looking forward to it very much and I am thrilled to bits to know it is going to be read by Julia Franklin. Thanks for commenting.
I have exactly the same feeling about September, probably for the same reason as you, Susanna. Anticipation and enthusiasm for the year ahead. And Autumn is a great season for book lovers, I always think. Curling up on the sofa indulging in a good novel. Or indeed, listening to a new audiobook! How exciting to have your own audiobook coming out, and a favourite reader reading it, too. Congratulations!
I know - I feel very lucky, Louise. Thanks for dropping by. It's always good to hear from you.
How wonderful that your book is going to be read by your favourite reader. That will make it even more special for you.
Karen - when I said September is a time of new beginnings for teachers, I have to be honest and add that it always looked like a jolly long year lying ahead! I'm glad you're looking forward to what's coming up on the blog.
Lovely to hear from you, Maddie, and thank you for agreeing to be part of my new series. Thanks for your kind words about The Deserter's Daughter. Book 2 (A Respectable Woman) is finished, I'm happy to say. In fact, it's already on Amazon for pre-publication ordering!
Another lovely blog post. Funny how we all feel differently about the onset of autumn, isn't it? I hated school so am not so keen on September. Having said that, autumn days can be wonderful, if a little poignant (end of summer & all that). Lots to look forward to on your blog -
yay! Can't wait to read xx
Super blog as always Susanna, I love September (pencil cases, new books and pens) but came to hate school so I'm not quite sure why! Am looking forward to being a part of your new series. Many congratulations on The Deserters Daughter, its a great read and deserves to be successful. Hope the new one is coming along well.
Thanks, Catherine. I think that the new series will prove very interesting and it will be lovely to hear from Kirsten again. Her blogs were so popular before.
Looking forward to What I Learnt From and the return of Kirsten