A Wonderful Start to 2018: My First Shelfie!

Posted on 5th January, 2018

Happy New Year. Thank you for your support last year. I look forward to another year of your company on my blog.


I'm starting the new year with a very short post. I've had my first shelfie! If you aren't sure what that is, it's a photo of your book on the shelf at the library or in a shop. Simple as that. It may not sound like much, but I have to tell you it is a hugely exciting moment.


The Deserter's Daughter has been in stock in Conwy Libraries ever since it was published last summer, but this is the first time I have seen it on the shelf in Llyfrgell Llandudno Library. Is that because it's been out on loan all the time?! What a lovely thought.


Shall I tell you the truth? There was a fatter book next to The Deserter's Daughter on the shelf, so I moved it in order to have a better photo...



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Thanks, Kirsten. Looking forward to your next monthly round-up blog on February 3rd.
How wonderfully exciting. So happy for you. xxx
Thank you, Jen. I know how much you loved your own shelfies, so I knew you would be pleased about mine.
What a wonderful never-to-be-forgotten moment, Susanna. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your 'shelfie' here so we can share in your excitement!

And since 'The Deserter's Daughter' is also a wonderful book, I wouldn't be surprised if it has been on loan! xx
How lovely of you, Kitty. More shelfies would be wonderful. Yes, it was a very special moment.
How fabulously exciting! I promise to keep checking my library too. Let's gets you lots and lots of them 😘
If it had been in a less conspicuous place, I might have, Tara! But the sagas/historicals/women's fiction section is just feet away from the enquiry desk. I thought I was being rather daring by taking the photo. Maybe next time I'll be braver...
What a fabulous sight! I bet it was the best feeling. I think I might have moved it on to a display table at the front though. Hehe.
Kazzie, that would be such a sweet thing to do. Another shelfie! Thank you for calling it a fabulous book. Having you by my side has been such a support xxx
How wonderful!!! Such a fabulous book. It's in our local library, Susanna. It took a while for them to get it, but it's there now. I'll take a pic on Tuesday if it's not out on loan.
Thanks for the congrats, Louise. That other book - it was a Lily Baxter novel, though I can't recall which one. I love her books and have read them all. Normally I would be very happy for The Deserter's Daughter to share shelf-space with them, but not on this occasion..!
Congratulations, Susanna. What a perfect moment. I have to know - what was the book that you moved out of the way?
Catherine, how lovely of you. Thank you for sharing my excitement.
Who needs fat books! I bet it has been out on loan all the time. What a brilliant moment thank you for sharing it