A Writing Retreat - the Writers' Treat.

Posted on 15th March, 2019

This past week I have been on a writing retreat with fellow writers Maddie Please, Jane Ayres, Christina Banach, Chris Manby and Kirsten Hesketh. We hired a beautiful old house deep in the Powys countryside. The photograph above is deceptive. The house was like the TARDIS, with lots of rooms.


The sitting room was big enough for each of us to have our own settee. All working together in here one afternoon was one of the week's highlights.
Ever tried lighting a wood burning stove in high winds? Not a good idea! Smoke belched forth into the room.

Maddie and Jane iced a cke with mini unicorns for Kirsten's birthday.


What? Champagne? Us?


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It was such a wonderful week and the photos really bring back how lovely the house was. I really enjoyed spending that time with you all and the whistle-stop visit from Vanessa Rigg too. xxx
What a wonderful idea, gathering like minded authors and renting a house together .... and what a lovely house too! Such fun, and I can almost hear the laughter of you all as I read your blog Susanna. Hmmm, I feel a story coming on based on a group of lively ladies renting a cottage in a remote location to work together ..... ! 😁
Thanks, Jen and Jan, for your comments. I'm glad you enjoyed the photographs. It was such a beautiful house. Jan, you're absolutely right. There was an afternoon when we had a settee each and settled down for a long writing session, aided by a box of rather yummy chocs, it has to be said.
What an inspirational place for your retreat, Sue. I can see you all with a settee each and getting lots of writing done. I'm sure many of the pieces in the houses have stories of their own to tell, too. Having been brought up in the heart of Powys, I can vouch for its beautiful countryside even in the rain! Thank you for sharing the photos with us to give us an insight into your week. A great post. :-)
What a gorgeous house, Susanna. I'm especially taken with the long case clock. So much writing inspiration inside and out...with the support of fellowship of writing friends too. Bliss!
Hi, Louise. Yes, it was a truly wonderful house. We loved it. The surrounding countryside was beautiful too - though we didn't get out to explore properly as it poured with rain solidly all the time we were there.
What a glorious venue. It's great that you were able to spend time away with your friends.