The Moment That Never Stops Being Special

Posted on 25th October, 2019

In all the ups and downs in a writer's life, there is one occasion that always creates excitement - namely, when you open up your box of author copies from the publisher. It doesn't matter how many times it happens. It always makes you feel chuffed.


My box of The Poor Relation paperbacks arrived this week. Cue lots of delight.

Mind you, I ought to come clean and tell you what happened when my box of hardbacks of The Deserter's Daughter arrived. I didn't know the box was coming and I was out for the day, but my husband was at home and he took delivery. When I got home, I saw the box in the hall and assumed it was something he had ordered. It was only a little while later that he said, "What was in your parcel...?"


As you can see, I did get my exciting moment in the end. A little late, but never mind!


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