The Numbers Game

Posted on 3rd April, 2020

Well, I've never done this before - published two blogs in one day. It's necessary because the previous blog was about The Deserter's Daughter being free on all e-platforms worldwide for today only. So, in order to stay up to date, I'm finishing the day the same way I started it - with a blog.


The Deserter's Daughter is featured in three of Amazon UK's charts - women's historical fiction; women's sagas; and British & Irish historical literature. First thing this morning, the book was at numbers 604, 846 and 955 respectively.


By the evening, this is how it was faring:





So there's lots of people out there who have downloaded it to give it a try. To all of you - thank you for your interest and I hope you enjoy it.


Have a good weekend. Stay safe xx



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