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Posted on 8th April, 2020

In these days of lockdown, I'll be posting some reviews of books I've enjoyed, so that, if you're on the look-out for a new author to try, maybe you'll like the sound of my recommendations.


Let's start with a couple of sagas.


The Black Silk Purse by Margaret Kaine

This is the sort of book which makes you read just a bit more... just another scene... just another chapter. The story has depth and pace, the characters are well-rounded and the mystery surrounding Ella's past kept me turning the pages. I'm not going to give away any spoilers, but I particularly liked the way the ending was handled. Plenty of historicals overlook the importance of social class, but Margaret Kaine has taken it into account and therefore the happy ending she has written has substance and credibility and rounds off a thoroughly enjoyable book in the best possible way.
A Wartime Christmas by Carol Rivers

This book kept me up long into the night because I simply had to keep on reading. Carol Rivers is an excellent story-teller. Her characters are well-rounded and the plot bowls along. This story includes an element of mystery that kept me guessing right until the solution was revealed. A thoroughly enjoyable book for lovers of wartime sagas.


Incidentally, in spite of the title, this is a book for any time of year. The story covers the whole of the war.

And if you fancy a thriller. . . .


Stolen Sister by Linda Huber                 

Linda Huber's strength lies in her ability to build a creepy atmosphere that creates a thread that runs throughout each book, growing stronger the further you get into the plot. 'Stolen Sister' is billed as a 'gripping family drama,' but it is much more than this. It is a well-crafted, psychologically complex story that is fueled by strong characterisation. This chilling tale kept me gripped to the last page.


I also strongly recommend Linda Huber's The Cold Cold Sea.

That's it for now. I'll see you again in a few days.


Stay safe xx


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Thanks for these recommendations, Susanna. Now more than ever, reading is both escape and comfort for me so I'm enjoying past favourites as well as new titles.
Thanks, Linda. You're right. Books provide escape and comfort at the moment.
Thanks so much for the mention, Sue - lockdown is hard, books are a good escape.