Lockdown Reading, part 2

Posted on 16th April, 2020

I hope you are staying safe and well and are coping with the continuing lockdown. As I write this, the lockdown in Wales has already been extended and presumably the whole UK will follow suit.


As promised, here are some more book recommendations that I hope might help you to keep your TBR piles topped up.


These books are all by my fellow Sister Scribes.


I found this book in places quite painful to read, because the heroine's unhappy marriage, which is inextricably linked to her work life, was depicted with such understated realism. 'Another You' is an intriguing read from start to finish, blending romance, domestic problems and a mystery that kept me turning the pages as the present and the past seem to merge together... or do they?


Above all, this is a story about the long shadows that can be cast by war. It is skillfully written and kept me guessing right to the end. Every time I thought I had worked out the answer to the mystery, something happened to make me question it again, including an unexpected final twist.


This is that very rare thing - a book to make you think.


* * * *



The Cottage in a Cornish Cove is a 'starting again' story (and you may remember from a previous blog how much I love those) and it features Anna, who inherits a cottage and has to decide what to do with her new life. She is an appealing, relatable character whom it is easy to like, all the more so because she has lessons to learn along the way. This heartwarming tale includes a mystery that gradually unfolds and the story provides not just a wonderful sense of the Cornish setting (trust me - you will want to spend your next holiday in Polkerran), but also a warm feel for being part of the community.


* * * *


I wondered which of Kitty Wilson's Cornish Village School series to include here and decied that it made most sense to feature book 1, just in case you are new to the series.


I loved this engaging, feel-good story. It has plenty of funny moments, but it also deals with the more serious side of life, which made it a deeper, more meaty story than the cute, chick-litty cover might suggest. It is a warm and witty story, with characters I cared about - and one in particular who drove me mad! This is a fabulous introduction to a delightful series.



The whole series takes place in a beautifully-described Cornish setting and each book is written with humour and pace.





And, to finish off, I can't leave out my other lovely Sister Scribe - Kirsten - whose debut novel is published in May. I'm looking forward to reading . . .




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