"Packed With Social Commentary."

Posted on 25th April, 2020

Welcome to day 4 of the book blog tour for my Edwardian saga The Poor Relation. I thought I'd start today with a picture of the audiobook cover.


The audio version is read by Julia Franklin, who reads all my books.


If you're an Audible reader, here is the link.

Today's first review comes from the lovely Julie Boon, who has given me so much support in my writing.


Julie says:

".. . yet another great historical fiction saga by the wonderful Susanna Bavin. . . Mary Maitland was born on the wrong side of the family tree . . . (she) has to overcome many hardships, but wih her spirit, it wouldn't keep her down for long! . . . the attention to detail with the characters was very good because some you loved and some you loved to hate!"


To read Julie's full review, click here. (Warning - spoiler alert!)


* * * *


Jo from the Cup Of Toast book blog says:

"Packed with social commentary . . . characters carefully built up into credible people . . . led by the colourful and brightly ambitious Mary (who is) completely believable in her quest to push the boundaries and carve out a successful life for herself."


The complete review is here.


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