"I devoured this book in one sitting."

Posted on 27th April, 2020


Bore da/good morning and welcome to the 5th day of the book blog tour for The Poor Relation. It's a glorious sunny day here in North Wales and I have to say I'm feeling very sunny too, thanks to these lovely reviews.


The first is from Tiziana Langone in Belgium. Tizi says:

"Sometimes a novel can remind you we cannot take our liberties for granted. . . And that’s the amazing thing of this story . . . Mary is a modern woman, wanting the same things like us. But just being born in the wrong period, is limiting her. . . This book contains the story of 3 main characters, all entwined  together somehow. . . Each character is struggling with their current situation. . . Susanna takes her time for each character, even the minor characters, so that we understand what is their motivation. . . A historical fiction where you hope for a happy ending for everyone, but also realizing that it’s not always possible."


You can read Tizi's full review here.


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This review is from Donna of Donna's Book Blog. It is quite short, so I have reproduced it in full.

"I really loved this book! I thought that it was very well written and it had a wonderful flow to the story. The pace for the story was spot on and it had a natural flow that worked really well.The characterisation was excellent and the author did a great job describing them so well that they really came to life for me.  It was a great historical fiction story and I will definitely be looking out now for more books from this author. It is 4.5 stars from me for this one, rounded up to 5 stars for Goodreads and Amazon – it was a wonderful story and one that I thoroughly enjoyed – very highly recommended!"


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Wow! Just look at this review from Vikkie on the Little Miss Booklover blog. Again, it is fairly short, so I have quoted it in full here:



"Wow, this is a fantastic book. I sat down with intentions of just reading a couple of chapters. However, I devoured this book in just one sitting.This is an author who has a writing style which just pulls you into the pages. This is my first read by this author but it definitely won’t be the last. This is a gorgeous read with fantastic characters, I really don’t think that there is anything negative I can say about this one. I have really enjoyed reading this book and this is one that I will be recommending to other readers. After reading this book, I have no doubt that I will be adding more books by this author to my TBR list. I really haven’t been able to put this one down."


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What a way to end the day! The last review has just been published and it's another corker. It is from Julie at Bookish Jottings. Here are the highlights:


"Susanna Bavin’s writing continues to go from strength to strength and this talented writer’s latest saga set in Edwardian Manchester, The Poor Relation, is a brilliantly written tale rich in drama, atmosphere and intensity that is absolutely perfect for curling up with. . . a wonderfully nuanced portrait of the struggles and hardships women faced in the earlier part of the twentieth century as they struggled to find their place in the world amidst sexism, repression and prejudice. Susanna Bavin is a terrific chronicler of life in the North. . .  and she brings the past to life with style and aplomb. Her characters are richly nuanced and it is impossible not to cheer for Mary and to relate to the difficulties she encounters in her quest for personal fulfilment. A fantastic saga by a gifted storyteller, Susanna Bavin’s The Poor Relation is a poignant, evocative and addictive historical tale guaranteed to hold readers in thrall."


Here is the link to Julie's full review, but beware - it contains spoilers.


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It has been a delight to follow your blog tour, Sue, and read these excellent reviews. I find myself nodding in agreement with so many of the comments. Congratulations.