"It Shows How Far We Have Come as a Society."

Posted on 28th April, 2020


Welcome to day 6 of the book blog tour for The Poor Relation. It's approaching 4pm as I type this. All through the tour, I've started posting my blogs in the morning (even if the final book reviews aren't added until later). Today, though, I've hung on because today there are due to be only two reviews, since the third book blogger has withdrawn from blogging, and I've been waiting for the second review to appear . . .


. . . which it hasn't yet, so, for now, here is a single review. It is from Anna at Books and Bookends. She says:


"In 1908, England is a completely different place than it is today. Women’s rights are practically non-existent and if they aren’t subservient to their husbands they’re meant to be subservient to their dads. . . It really shows how far we have come as a society and how thankful women should all be for our predecessors fighting for our rights. . . There’s a gorgeous family tree at the beginning of the book. This was brilliant to refer to whilst reading and understanding all of the family connections throughout."


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