"Basically, it is a hell of a read."

Posted on 29th April, 2020

Welcome to what is meant to be the final day of the book blog tour for The Poor Relation - though it may actually last an extra day, depending on when reviews are published.


I'm delighted to start today by sharing a fabulous review from Joy Corkery on the Joyful Antidotes site. Joy says:


"What I want to tell you about are the amazing themes that thread through The Poor Relation. Let’s start with women’s rights. . . What struck me about the struggle for women’s rights in this book was the attitudes of the various characters. . . Lady Kimber also introduces us to the age old, and continuing, dilemma of women competing against one another. Lady Kimber is dead set in setting her daughter, Eleanor, up in a good marriage. This means disposing of any competition who may make her daughter appear less desirable. . . We continually see the less than savoury treatment of the Maitlands, the “poor relations”, despite them being the most likeable family in the book. I hope these themes are enough to draw you to this book. If not, it also has a caring protagonist and cleverly intertwined stories. Basically, it is a hell of a read. Don’t delay and pick up your copy of The Poor Relation.



To see Joy's full review, click here


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The next review is from American blogger LeeLynn Brady, whose wite is called Sometimes LeeLynn Reads. She says:

"I enjoyed this story of Mary and her journey in wanting to live a life that was more than what she was given. . . Bavin did a great job with this novel . . . It gave me some hope, and when you read it, you may feel something similar by the time you get to the ending."


To read the full review, click here.  


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