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Posted on 30th April, 2020

Well, yesterday should have been the last day of the blog tour for The Poor Relation, but because two reviews were published a little later than expected, I have a bonus day! And, believe me, 'bonus' really is the right word. I am proud and thrilled to end the week on two outstanding reviews. But before I get to them, I'm going to use my blog tour banner for one last time . . . .





Today's first review is from Joanna of Over the Rainbow book blog. Jo says:


"The Poor Relation is another wonderful, engaging read from this talented author which will keep you reading long after bedtime. Once again the author has obviously done her research and I felt truly transported to the early 1900s and enjoyed living all the historical events that happened at that time. Suzanna knows how to write fantastic female characters who are brave and willing to fight for what they believe in. Mary Maitland was another fabulous lead character and I really enjoyed following her throughout the book. All of the characters seem very realistic, with the author giving them a great backstory which allows the reader to get to know them better. Overall I thought this was an absorbing, fast paced book which I flew through in a couple of days. There was always lots going on to keep my interest and I found that I wanted to keep reading to find out what would happen next as the characters had started to feel like old friends. I can’t wait to read more from this author!"


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Next is the review from Kelly at Dash Fan Book Reviews. Kelly says:


"5 stars. A highly compelling, thought-provoking, empowering and engaging historical saga! . . . . a highly compelling and poignant story. . . of determination, dreams, unfairness, harshness and change. . . . But times are slowly changing for women and Mary. . . is determined to keep doing what she's doing even if it means she's treated appallingly. I had so much respect for Mary. She was so strong and courageous. . . (It is) a story that delves into social class and divide, the treatment of women and their struggles and empowerment. . . . You can tell how much thought and passion Susanna Bavin has put into writing The Poor Relation. It's authentic and empowering. Her characters are wonderfully developed, some not at all likeable but well thought out. . . I highly recommend (it)."


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