Looking Forward to Publication Day with Kirsten

Posted on 7th May, 2020

Today I am delighted to welcome my lovely friend and fellow Sister Scribe, Kirsten Hesketh, back to my blog. If you've been a visitor here for some time, you'll remember Kirsten's monthly blogs about the trials and tribulations of working towards signing with a literary agent.



Now Kirsten is back again and this time she is sharing the best possible news. Take it away, Kirsten!


* * * *


Over and out from the querying trenches ….


Hello everyone!


It’s so lovely to be back on Susanna’s wonderful blog and a big thank you to Sue for welcoming me here again. It’s lovely to ‘see’ you all again and I do hope everyone is keeping safe and well and sane in these strangest of times.



I wonder if any of you remember my ‘Despatches from Querying Trenches’ from a few years ago? It was so generous of Sue to welcome an aspiring author here each month and to let me have my own very own corner of the internet – at a time when having my own website was still a twinkle in my eye (and is still woefully underused). I really enjoyed sharing the ups and down of my bookish ambitions – when getting an agent, let alone a publisher, was the stuff of dreams – and all the lovely feedback and the friendships I made on here, spurred me on to persevere, persevere, persevere ….


Well, lovelies, the book I was pitching way back then is actually being published! I ended up signing with the fabulous Felicity Trew at the Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency and now … drum roll ….


My debut, Another Us, is being published by Canelo on May 14th 2020.


As you may remember, Another Us is a book very close to my heart, and I am so, so thrilled and grateful to Canelo for taking a punt on a debut.


It is, of course, a very strange time to be being published and – obviously – the whole thing fades into complete insignificance compared to what is going on in the world at the moment. The launch party and most of the publicity has had to be cancelled and Another Us will just be an ebook for the time being – but, for me, it is still marvellous and exciting. I am loving the build-up to publication and feel so lucky to have featured in Waitrose Magazine and Woman and Home this week and on a podcast and an online panel … and it’s all just as exciting as I hoped it would be. So far, the early reviews have been wonderful but I have my big girl pants firmly strapped on for when – inevitably – people haven’t enjoyed it.


So it’s goodbye from the querying trenches for now and hello to a brand new adventure. Thank you for following my journey.


And, of course, a huge congratulations to Sue. Four fabulous books under her own name and now the wonderful The Surplus Girls as Polly Heron - and all achieved with a quiet grace and generosity of spirit. Hats off to her and lots of love to her and to you all.




* * * *



Link to Another Us at Amazon UK    Amazon US   Amazon Canada   Amazon Australia


Pre-publication reviews say:


". . . painfully real and at times painfully funny." Chrissie Manby, author of Seven Sunny Days


". . . will break your heart only to glue the pieces back together."

Jenny O'Brien, author of Silent Cry  


"A searing and honest look at a family reaching breaking point."

Maddie Please, author of The Summer of Second Chances

* * * *



The Sister Scribes won't be able to be together on Kirsten's big day, but when we do see one again, there will be a big celebration and probably a few daft photos.


Here we are celebrating one of Kitty's publication days.


From the top: Kitty, Jane, Cass, Kirsten and yours truly.



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Congratulations, Kirsten. As you know, I've read 'Another Us' and enjoyed it very much. I was happy to celebrate your debut release with you, virtually, and wish you a wonderful 'new adventure' and many more published books in the future.
Thanks Jan. I've loved following your journey too and how lovely that our debuts launched within a couple of weeks of each other. We did it! Lots of love xx
I remember looking forward to your regular ‘Despatches from the Querying Trenches’ posts and following your journey. It’s such good news to know that your debut book will be published next week, Kirsten. I can’t wait to read it.