Cover Love . . . With Jane Cable

Posted on 26th June, 2020

This week I am delighted to welcome my friend and fellow Sister Scribe Jane Cable to my blog to continue my Cover Love series by sharing one of her own book covers.


Jane writes contemporary women's fiction that mixes recognisible and compelling situations with romance and a twist of mystery. Her new book, Endless Skies, will be published on July 27th.

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When I first saw Sapere Books’ cover for Another You, I cried. I remember it now; I was sitting on the sofa on a Sunday evening and it popped into my inbox. And I cried.


I am not generally a weepy person but I just knew as soon as I saw it whoever briefed the designer knew the story inside out. The soldier walking away, head bent, summed up my character Paxton so perfectly – a proud man broken by war. The concrete blocks on the beach stretching out into sea not only brought to mind D-Day, but also the Dragons’ Teeth stretching through the dunes at Studland where the book is set.


Another You was a reissue and even although the original cover was quite good the woman on it was not Marie. Marie would never have worn a mini skirt and hat. On the Sapere book she has a simple cotton dress, something I was sure I would have found rummaging through her wardrobe. Perhaps her hair was blonde not black, but I was still doing my final edits at the time so it was a detail easily changed.


I started life as an indie author and had a great deal of input into my covers, but none had been as perfect as this. It boded well for my relationship with my new publisher. They understood the book as well as I did. And I suppose that was what made me cry.


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When the present is unbearable, can you be saved by the past?


Marie Johnson is trapped by her job as a chef in a Dorset pub and by her increasingly poisonous marriage to its landlord. Worn down by his string of affairs she has no self-confidence, no self-respect and the only thing that keeps her going is watching her son turn into a talented artist.


But the sixtieth anniversary of a D-Day exercise which ended in disaster triggers chance meetings which prove unlikely catalysts for change. A charming American soldier walks into Marie’s life, but it becomes clear nothing is really as it seems.


Could the D-Day re-enactments be stirring up something from the past? Or is the answer to Marie’s problems much closer to home?


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The cover for 'Another You' is so evocative, Jane and to me as a reader aptly captured the story. It's lovely that as the author, it fits your vision of the book too.

I'm looking forward to reading 'Endless Skies'...a book with another stunning cover!