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Posted on 1st September, 2020

I don't normally do 'advertisements' on my blog, but this seemed just too good to keep to myself.


The Surplus Girls is part of the Amazon Kindle Deal for September and costs just 99p.


Reviewers say:


"Uncertainty, romance, conflicted loyalties and a story that takes its protagonist on a journey for independence is as relevant to modern day society as it was a century earlier. Involving, tightly plotted and full of vivid characters to love and hate!"


"A beautifully written story by Polly Heron aka Susanna Bavin, I'm so pleased this is going to be a series as it brings home the struggle these girls went through after the First World War."

Or, for those of you who prefer a 'real' book, the paperback is still £2 on Amazon, though I don't know how long this will last.


If you fancy using The Surplus Girls as a reading group book, here are the questions I've devised for it:


1. In what ways does living with the Mrs Sloans make Belinda’s life easier? In what ways does it make it more difficult?

2. Does Belinda spend too much time trying to please other people? Why does it so matter so much to her to do the right thing?

3. Why is Belinda attracted to Richard?

4. What do you think of the use of the first person, present tense for Gabriel’s viewpoint scenes?

5. Prudence says the house in Wilton Close is morally hers and Patience’s, even if it isn’t legally. Is she right?

6. How has life with Pa affected Prudence and Patience?

7. Did your opinion of Richard change when he had his first viewpoint scene and you shared his thoughts and memories for the first time? In what way?

8. In the story, is it better to be a wife, a widow or a spinster?

9. What are Prudence’s and Patience's strengths and weaknesses?

10. Who is more manipulative – Denby or Kathleen?



If you have read The Sewing Room Girl, compare the young William Turton with the middle-aged William. How has he changed with age?




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