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Posted on 2nd October, 2020

Every now and again I post a blog called "Where I Wrote. . ." As a rule, these show a photo of where I was when I wrote a particlar scene that appears in a published book; so as well as showing you where I wrote it, I can also offer you an excerpt. This time, though, all I can give you is the photo, because the book is a WIP - a work in progress.


So here I was when I was writing one of the final scenes in the third book in The Surplus Girls series. If you have ever looked at my Llandudno page, you may remember that there is a small bay beside the pier, which is my favourite place in the whole world. I have done a lot of writing here.


On this occasion, the tide was right in so I sat on the steps going down into the bay. I specially wanted to take my writng outside that day, as it was forecast to be the last fine day for a few days.



You might think it a bit odd that I'm busy finishing book 3 in the series when book 2, The Surplus Girls' Orphans, is yet to be published, but the publishing world often works a long way ahead. All I can say is that it was a scene involving a character who was mentioned towards the end of book 1 and who then becomes a regular character in the series. I wonder if you can work out who I mean! In the scene, she goes to see her friend (who is the heroine of book 2) and they each have some special news to share with one another.


In the new year, after The Surplus Girls' Orphans is published, I'll share another photo from this little bay and show you were I sat to write one of the opening scenes, which I'll then be able to share with you here. All I'll say for now is that it takes place in a sweet shop and I had a wonderful time researching all the confectionery and chocolates.


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