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Posted on 15th October, 2020

Although I do some of my writing outdoors, most of it is done - or used to be done - in the public library, which of course closed down in March. It is now open again in a limited way, so I thought I'd share my first visit with you. Browsing appointments have to be booked in advance and last for 45 minutes.


There's a one-way system for going in and out, but that's not the only change. All the furniture has been removed - all the seating, tables etc, apart from some computer tables. As well as that, some of the shelf units have been removed there were too close to other shelving.


This is the children's library minus its comfortable furniture.
There has been some shifting around of stock because of having to take away some of the shelving. The crime section has moved into part of what was previously an exclusively non-fiction section.

It was, of course, wonderful to be able to browse and choose books, but I do miss going to the library to work. There, I could settle down and simply get stuck in with no interruptions - something that hasn't been my experience while I've been working at home.


And the cherry on the cake of my library visit...?






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