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Posted on 23rd October, 2020

As I write this on the morning of Friday 23rd October, Wales will be going into a national lockdown this evening for two weeks. I imagine many people have been thinking at various times this year about holidays they have particularly enjoyed.


For me, one such was the writing week I spent in Bath two years ago this week with Jane, Cass, Kitty and Kirsten - my Sister Scribes.


While we were there, Kitty had a publication day and the rest of us secretly supplied cake, fizz and gifts to surprise her with on the day.


Here she is in the kitchen, cutting the cake. I've always had a soft spot for Second Chances because of this.

Basically, the structure of our writing week was that we worked all morning and then in the afternoons chose between carrying on writing or going out sightseeing, usually led by Cass, who knows Bath well. It was a wonderful week in terms of friendship, holiday and also writing. I remember Jane was working hard on a synopsis/book proposal for Endless Skies, which was published earlier this year, and Cass told me about a book she had in the pipeline... which is now published as The Cottage in a Cornish Cove. Kirsten had recently sent her debut novel, Another Us, to her agent, who loved it.


As for me, I was busy writing the second in The Surplus Girls series - what is now called The Surplus Girls' Orphans.


I wrote several chapters, including introducing a character whom I hope readers will love to hate when she makes life difficult for Molly, the heroine. Another viewpoint character is Jacob Layton (Belinda's youngest brother from book 1) and he also had a tough time in these chapters.


It was a very successful week for me work-wise, but the best bit of all is summed up in this photo - the pleasure of being with friends.


Let's hope it isn't too much longer before we can all be reunited with our friends and loved ones.


Sending love and hugs in these difficult time.


Susanna/Polly xxx


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Lovely memories for you, Sue. As well as the feeling of achievement re- your writing, it sounds as if you all had great fun. I echo your hope to be reunited and meet friends and family in person soon. Sending hugs from another part of locked down Wales. X
Such a lovely post and special memory, Susanna. Sending love and hugs in return to you. xxx