A Special Delivery

Posted on 11th December, 2020

I had a wonderful surprise this week - my box of author copies of The Surplus Girls' Orphans arrived, so of course I want to show you this photo so you can share the excitement.




Here is the blurb:


Manchester, 1922


Molly Watson has had enough. Engaged for the last three years to a penny-pinching pedant, she finally decides she'd rather be a surplus girl than marry a man she doesn't truly love. Aware of the need to support herself if she is to remain single all her life, Molly joins a secretarial class to learn new skills, and a whole new world opens up to her.


When she gets a job at St Anthony's Orphanage, she befriends careaker Aaron Abrams.  But a misunderstanding leaves them at loggerheads and damages her in the eyes of the children she has come to care so deeply about. Can Molly recover her reputation, her livelihood and her budding friendship before its too late?



The Surplus Girls' Orphans


on Kindle


and in paperback


Published on January 7th







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