A Cloudy Walk

Posted on 21st January, 2021

Last week, I said that I intended to share one of my lockdown walks with you and also that, after such a long time of rain and overcast skies, I was hoping for a sunny day .... Well, that didn't happen, unfortunately, but I'm going ahead with the blog anyway, because the view are beautiful even when they aren't bathed in sunshine.


The walk started on West Shore/Pen Morfa, looking across the Conwy Estuary. Rather a moody-looking picture, don't you think?



Here is the old toll house at one end of Marine Drive, which goes all around the Great Orme.



I then went up to the Invalids' Walk on the side of the Great Orme and walked along to Haulfre Gardens. Here is the view looking towards North Shore - alongside the same view on a sunny day.



From here I walked down off the Orme - and this is what I saw across the road! The leaves on those trees were evidently very tasty, though the goat obligingly broke off from eating them in order to do a nice pose for me.


My walk ended on the promenade. Here are the Grand Hotel and the pier on an overcast day ....



.... and here they are on a gloriously sunny day.




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