A Look at Some Lovely Covers

Posted on 19th February, 2021

Now that the second Surplus Girls book, The Surplus Girls' Orphans, is available as an audiobook on CD and MP3, I thought this was a good opportunity to take a look at my audiobook covers, as it's normally the book covers that are used for photos.


Here are the two Surplus Girls audio covers:



They are a good match for one another, aren't they? As are.....



Here are my other two Susanna books in audio format:




Which cover do you like the best? I have a special fondness for The Deserter's Daughter because it was my very first audiobook. And I love the quiet determination of The Sewing Room Girl. And the model on the cover of The Surplus Girls has a gorgeous smile, doesn't she?


I hope you have access to your public library in these strange times. Here in Llandudno, I am browsing online through the catalogue and making requests, which I can then collect at an allocated time. If you have a similar set-up where you are, then you might like to borrow one (or more!) of my audiobooks. The Susanna books are also available on Audible (click here) and so is The Surplus Girls (click here), while The Surplus Girls' Orphans will appear on Audible by the end of the month.


I always have two books on the go - one print book and one audio. I love to think of my readers also being my listeners!


Stay safe

Susanna / Polly xx


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