Finishing Book 4

Posted on 15th October, 2021

As I write this blog, I am part way through writing the final scene of the fourth Surplus Girls book - you may have noticed that I only ever refer to it as "the fourth Surplus Girls book" or "Surplus Girls book 4". I expect you can guess why! That's right - there isn't a title yet, not even a working title.


When I've finished writing it, my next job will be to go back to the start and read it through, looking for edits that need doing. I've got a short list of things that need to be added, so that will be by my side. Maybe inspiration will strike and a title will pop into my head(!), but I doubt it. I don't really believe in inspiration. I think that if you wait for inspiration to strike, you could well find yourself waiting a jolly long time.


I wanted to show you this photo of my lovely publication day flowers:



It all seems a long way away from this.....



.... when I was asked by my editor to make substantial changes to the oder of some of the events in Christmas with the Surplus Girls and the only way to get to grips with it was to make a page for every scene and lay them out on the floor. The above picture is an early version of the outcome - later, every scene ended up plastered in post-it notes with additional details, such as the new date for each scene.


Mind you, Cassie quite liked it ....



See you all next week.

Susanna / Polly xxx



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