It Doesn't Matter How Many Times ...

Posted on 25th March, 2022

It doesn't matter how many times it happens. When you receive the first copy of your book and you can hold the real thing in your hands ... it's just wonderful.




Here's my first copy of the new Railway girls book, Hope for the Railway Girls, which will be published on April 14th.


Soon I should have another photo for you - of a whole box of copies of Hope.


* * * *



Manchester, 1942

A new year brings new hope for the railway girls.

's romance with the charming Dr Maitland is blossoming, but then she is posted away from Manchester. Working in a canteen isn't part of her plan, nor is meeting her beau's old girlfriend - one who just happens to want him back.

is supportive of her friend's new relationship until she realises exactly who he is. Torn between keeping her secret and warning Alison, she turns to Joan for help.

Working in Lost Property wouldn't be Joan's first choice of job, but with a baby on the way she knows she can't continue being a station porter. As she looks to the future, can she put the troubles of her past behind her?


* * * *


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