A Wonderful Read From the Pen of Eva Glyn/Jane Cable

Posted on 26th May, 2022

The thing about reading a book by Jane Cable or her alter ego Eva Glyn is that you can be sure you're in for a treat. Her writing is always of the highest quality and her exploration of characters and their lives is compassionate and honest, while the cherry on the cake is the beautiful and vivid descriptions of the settings within the story.


The latest book from this talented author is An Island of Secrets by Eva Glyn, a dual timeline story set in 1944 and 2014.



This is a moving tale of war and its effects on individuals, featuring characters who are complex and utterly believable. The story opens with Guy, a Second World War veteran now in his 90s, who knows his life is approaching its end, so he sends his granddaughter, whose own life is at a turning-point, out to Croatia to see if she can find out what became of various women from many years ago. This is what creates the link between the two timelines.


What can I say? It's beautifully-crafted and deeply atmospheric. You can never take anything for granted in the plot.


What can I say? The characters are well-drawn and fully formed. The descriptions of the settings are glorious.


What can I say? It's written by Jane Cable/Eva Glyn. That's all you need to know, really. It's superb.



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