Happy Book-Birthday to 'The Railway Girls'

Posted on 3rd June, 2022
Last weekend saw the second anniversary of the publication of The Railway Girls.



It's amazing to think that two years later, there are now five books out there, with more to come.



How very different the second book-birthday was to the actual publication day. Two years ago, my identity as Maisie Thomas was a closely guarded secret, with only a tiny handful of people in the know. Having a publication day - but not being able to shout it from the rooftops that I was the author - was a weird experience, to say the least.


In fact, I had three publication days like that. Then, shortly before Christmas with the Railway Girls came out, I was able to share my long-held secret.


The other thing I particularly remember about that first publication time is that because it happened during lockdown, there were distribution problems and Amazon kept running out of paperbacks. Each time this happened, it looked on the screen as if my book was out of print. Oh, how my heart sank each time I saw that!


Things were very different for the second book-birthday, complete with a prize draw giveaway on Facebook. Thank you to everyone who entered and I hope the two lucky winners will enjoy their books.


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