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Posted on 10th June, 2022

As you may remember, I always have two books on the go - a print book and an audio. Recently I've been listening to The Street of Broken Dreams by Tania Crosse, which won the 2020 award for Romantic Saga of the Year.


The audiobook is read by Emma Powell and produced by Magna Story Sound.



The Street of Broken Dreams is set at the end of the Second World War and concerns two families in London, the Parkers and the Cresswells. Each family has a daughter with secrets and troubles. Mildred Parker is awaiting the return of her soldier fiancé, but is very aware of the way she rushed into getting engaged. How well do they really know one another? And how does she really feel about him? Meanwhile Cissie Cresswell has a dark secret that overshadows her life.


After a disturbing and harrowing opening scene, the book quickly draws the reader into the goings-on in the lives of the two families and the story is awash with period detail that brings the setting to life. Alongside the developing friendship between the two families, there are the daily problems of wartime and post-war life. 


Writing with compassion and honesty, Tania Crosse tells her story with sensitivity and atmosphere backed up by thorough reseach. The plot is rich and compelling, the characters well-rounded. This is an engrossing tale.


Emma Powell narrates the audiobook of The Street of Broken Dreams with warmth and clarity, switching seamlessly from character to character. Her voice has a very slight huskiness in it that makes it appealing to listen to and she captures the essence of this story perfectly.


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