One of the Joys of Being Maisie.

Posted on 5th August, 2022

Just a quick blog this week, as I simply want to show off a photograph. One of the joys of writing as Maisie is that I get to be consulted over each book's cover picture, which is a real delight to me and something I never case to be grateful for. It's unusual for an author to be allowed the level of input that I'm given.


When a model has to be chosen to be one of the characters, I'm always asked to provide details regarding colouring and appearnce as well as more personal details - such as, with Joan, I specified that she should have a young-looking face.


With the cover of Courage of the Railway Girls, which comes out in October, I was also asked about what the three models should wear. There is always a choice between the character's own clothes and her work clothes.


And so we come to the photo. I'm delighted to show you the dresses that the three cover characters will be wearing on the front of Courage.


Isn't that one in the middle utterly gorgeous?





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