Three Highlights: September 2023

Posted on 28th September, 2023

The end of the month is hoving into view already. Unbelievable! That means it's time for a quick look back at three nice things from the month. Just before we start, please could I say a huge thank you to those of you who have been in touch (mainly via Twitter or my Maisie Thomas FB page) to say you've enjoyed the previous Three Highlights blogs.


So let's get started:


I have begun editing Springtime with the Railway Girls, which comes out next April. My editor said of it: "It was an absolute delight to read - it could be your best yet!... it is both gripping and heartwarming."


My second highlight is that I have finished writing the second book in the forthcoming Home Front Girls series. Now I have to give it a final read-through before sending it off to my agent. (Incidentally, I can't wait to have a cover to add when I mention these books!)


And my third highlight... well, I couldn't leave it out, could I?! The wonderful book promo video for Christmas Wishes for the Railway Girls.



So there we are - September's three highlights. I hope you've enjoyed this quick look back.


Thank you to everyone for your support. My blog has always received a lot of views and I appreciate that very much. Now my Welcome page is also getting masses more views than it used to, which is very exciting.


See you next time xxx


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