The Home Front Girls

Posted on 25th January, 2024

You may have seen the cover reveal for The Home Front Girls on my Welcome page - but I do have a lot of followers who come straight to my blog - so, just for all of them, here is the wonderful cover.



The two girls are Sally (hands on hips) and Betty, who are the two viewpoint characters in this book. In the next book, they will be joined by another viewpoint character. If you recall the photo I shared a couple of weeks ago of the manuscript, you may remember her name is Lorna.


Currently, The Home Front Girls is available for pre-order on Kindle only (click here: If, like me, you like your books as paperbacks, then you'll need to wait a while. The paperback will be available to be pre-ordered apprx four weeks before the book is published. Don't worry - I'll let you know when it's up on Amazon.


And would you like to hear a bit of sneaky news? I've just seen the cover of book 2 - and it's a cracker! It won't be long before I can show you.

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