A Character Who Struck a Chord

Posted on 8th March, 2024

One feature of being an author is that you have no idea of the circumstances in which your book will be read. For example, I heard from one reader who told me that she started reading the Railway Girls series because of losing her nana, who had been a lover of sagas. On Nana’s bookshelf were the early Railway Girls books and her granddaughter started reading them so as to feel close to her darling nana. After a while, the characters crept into her heart and she found herself reading the stories not just for Nana’s sake but also because she was eager to find out what happened next. I was very touched to hear this, and I’m sure you feel the same.


When Colette first became a viewpoint character back in book 4, Christmas with the Railway Girls, I soon found that her plot had struck a deeply personal chord with many readers.


As her story has unfolded, I have heard from various women who have told me about their marriages to their own Tony and how they escaped. ‘Escaped’ is the word they all use. I have also heard from mothers whose daughters were married to a Tony and, as with Colette in the early days, no one else had any idea. I am honoured that these women feel that Colette’s story is true to life.




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