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Posted on 5th May, 2024

The Home Front Girls is proving very popular on Kindle Unlimited (151,000 swipes in the first two weeks) so I thought you might like to see which of my other books are on KU.


Let's start with The Home Front Girls.


If you don't use KU, the Kindle is £1.99 to buy. The link is the same.


Next up my first published novel, The Deserter's Daughter.


The paid Kindle is £4.99 (same link).


The one-line blurb I sometimes use on Twitter is "A secret is revealed and a family is changed for ever."


Then we have the first in the 1920s Surplus Girls series - The Surplus Girls 


The paid Kindle is £2.99 (same link).


And the last one at present is Surplus Girls book 2 - The Surplus Girls' Orphans 



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